Almost Time to Ask for Demonstrator Opinions

I’ve been gradually building content and adding videos these last two weeks. Starting to get close to the point where I feel I might be able to go “public” with the site. I think I need to send out a  message to all the demonstrators whose videos will be featured on my site. I should probably ask permission to use their videos, and get their feedback on the site.  Although I want to have affiliate links on my site, to hopefully cover the expense of running it, I won’t get to adding many until the basic library is up and running.

Progress is Slow but Steady

The basic foundation or structure of the library is built.  I found that choosing the videos became almost overwhelming, so I started with choosing the concepts that I’ll cover.  Then I had to cut back on the number in each category or I’ll never get to the point of being ready to fly.  So, I’ve got content on maybe a third of the pages, and the pages exist for each category, the concepts I’m starting with, and the video link pages. More ideas keep coming, but I’m putting those in “draft” mode for now.  Writing blog posts is waiting on getting more of the library content finished.  But it is developing!

Crafting versus Making

This website is about making greeting cards by hand.  Why didn’t I call it “Card Making Review” but rather chose “Card Crafting Review”? Well, making something just takes time and materials.  Crafting something also uses time and materials, but it involves something more. The person puts heart into the project. Even if they just follows the instructions, their unique personality and character has an impact on the ultimate result.

For example, a person can follow a recipe and make a cake, and if the directions are followed, the cake will turn out right.  There’s a sense of accomplishment in producing something correctly.  However, when that person not only follows the directions, but also invests a bit of themselves – putting heart into the work – those people don’t just make a cake, they craft one.

This website is for all those people out there who put care into the cards they craft.  Hand-crafted cards bless the one who creates, and they bless the ones who receive those creations.  Happy crafting, and blessings to you!!


How to Build a Library

One “brick” at a time.  That’s how you build a library, or any other structure.  Building a website to curate card making videos is a challenge.  I keep coming up with more ideas of things to include!  I’ve begun by capturing the most instructional videos from Gina K DesignsGina K Designs on StampTV.  When I first discovered card-crafting videos, StampTV was only about a year old.  I watched all the older content, and then waited impatiently for the next videos each week.  Having a bunch of videos to organize should make it easier for me to identify what pages are needed.  Then I’ll have to go back and write descriptions for each technique, construction method, or whatever.  The site is still pretty raw, but it is starting to take shape.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Finding Handmade Card Making Ideas

Do you like to give personalized cards or gifts?  Do you struggle coming up with ideas to make handmade cards or gifts?  YouTube is a treasure trove for finding handmade card making ideas.  It’s filled with crafty people who willingly share their ideas!

happy birthday

masculine birthday card

I can spend hours watching the creative work of the card-crafting demonstrators on YouTube.

What kind of greeting cards would you like to make?  Simple or elaborate, elegant or cute, amazing (how did she DO that?) cards or something quick because the birthday party is tonight?

My goal with this website is to provide a resource for YOU! To make it easy for you to quickly find card-making videos that are tailored to your interests.

card has cat holding onto balloon strings and floating midair.  Background is varying width striped paper in pinks, greens., and blue.

floating kitty thank you card

Ones demonstrating the kind of card you want to make today.  Tomorrow you may want to do another style of card. Whatever you need to makes it easy for you to get out the supplies and have fun crafting!

As I’m just developing the site, your input would be appreciated. What styles or techniques of card crafting are you most eager to learn about and enjoy? Those are the ones I’ll start with first.  Any suggestions you have for making this site user friendly for handmade card lovers would be welcome!

Secrets of the Crafting Video Divas

I love to watch card craftiJenniferMcGuire150701IPSO066ng videos by Jennifer McGuire, Sandy Allnock, Kristine Werner, Laura Bassen, Vicky Papaioannou, and oh! so many others.  They share all their tips and secrets for successfully using paper-craft supplies. As a paper-crafting addict, these videos are irresistible to me.  However, not all videos are created equally.
sandyallnockDifferent personality types and communication styles make for a variety of interesting perspectives on any given topic.  The divas pretty much all use the same techniques and products eventually.  Yet it’s never boring to watch these people demonstrate their skill at crafting beautiful cards.  Every so often someone will be teaching a common technique, and they come up with somevickypapaioannou little twist or finesse on how to do it better.

It’s fun and educational to hear how they each talk about card construction
and what they find most enjoyable.  If you haven’t yet “met” the card crafting video demonstrators via YouTube, go meet some today!

YouTube logo2

The goal of Card-Crafting-Review is to provide you, the hobby card maker and crafter, an easy resource to find the best videos on various topics.

Over the next few months, as I build the site, I hope you will stop by often and share your opinions with me.  If
you have a favorite video-making craft demonstrator, please let me know. I’m always happy to check out a new source of inspiration!

Happy crafting!

How do you design cards you craft?

circle flipcard There is such a vast variety of card making techniques, styles and subjects, it’s hard to know where to start.  My biggest challenge has always been coming up with a card design. There are millions of cards posted online that can be used for inspiration.  Crafters encourage one another to CASE cards – Copy And Share Everything.  Finding ideas isn’t the problem – choosing just ONE is the struggle

I’m intrigued by unusual techniques or card construction.  However, some of the most difficult designs to do well are the CAS cards – Clean And Simple.  One layer cards are also a challenge.  It is so common to include layers and borders that “set off” the focal image, it can feel like you haven’t done enough when making a CAS card.

dry embossedTypically, I’ll design a card around the purpose or subject of the card.  Next week I need a birthday card for my nephew.  Okay, he’s a six year old boy, who leads a very active life. I don’t know his preferences well enough to customize a card specifically to him.  So, I’ll start with looking at images that might appeal to a six-year old boy.  Bright colors are a good choice for him.  And if the card has some kind of interactive features he might really think it’s neat.

Browsing on Pintrest, or checking the posts of my favorite card crafting bloggers could be helpful.  I can dither around for days trying to settle on a design. But the real joy is in getting out paper, stamps, inks and embellishments and PLAYING with them!  Why is it so hard for me to commit to a design?  Hand-made cards don’t have to be (really can’t be) perfect, Embellishedbut perfectionism keeps me from being productive.

Right now, deciding how to organize information about all the different card styles or techniques is the priority. But I just need to jump in and do SOMETHING – get started – and it will all work out eventually.

Why a Web site for reviewing card crafting tutorials?

Diana Evensen

Diana Evensen

Watching card making video tutorials can be addictive. youtube subscriptions example Learning new things, seeing how different card makers  approach a technique or subject, getting various perspectives on popular products, etc. Blog post tutorials can be great as well, but don’t captivate me like the video tutorials do.  I spend most of my spare time enjoying these videos.

For many years now, I thought it would be really handy to have the best video tutorials on each subject grouped together, facilitating card makers being able to get as much information as possible about the subject as quickly as possible. For example, if you want to make a waterfall card, it would be helpful to have easy access to various tutorials on how to make a waterfall card. It’s a big goal, but I’ll enjoy building and organizing the site.

I hope this resource will be useful to other card crafting fyoutube logoanatics out there.  Please let me know what you are interested in seeing on this site!